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Find the answers to your screen printing questions below.

What's the best order process?

The garment and total quantity have a lot of impact on the final price, so it is best to settle those details first. This allows your designer - if you choose to use one - to submit the files once, instead of needing to revise if the print specs change due to budget further down the line. It’s easier for the designs to adapt to the budget, than for the entire project to adapt to the designs.


The important part of this question is about who is making that final decision, not about how big the budget is. Who knows the numbers enough to make a final approval on the order?


This will save your designer (and billable hours) from having to re-create the design to fit a larger or smaller budget.

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Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, our minimum quantity is x25 pieces, per print.


Custom screen printing pricing is based on the total number of colors in your design, the total quantity per design to be printed, plus the garment to be printed on. Each print location is priced individually. Our first price break is at 25+ pieces.

Custom screen printing may not be the most economical choice for some smaller projects, compared to other available processes.  We offer DTF, or Direct to Film, printing for order under 25 and orders that have high color counts. 


Either way, the next step is getting in touch with us to talk through your options.

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What's the turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is typically quicker than 14 business days. This countdown starts only when your order is fully approved and deposit processed, so remember to budget time to bring your details together.


Standard Turnaround Time

  •  14 Business Days

  • No additional charge


Rush Services

  •  3 -4 Business Days, when available

  • +$95 flat rate on ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only


Hot Rush

  • Next Day, when available

  • +$200 flat rate on ‘Rush Ready‘ garments only


A ‘business day’ is considered every working day of the week, and does not include weekends or Civic/Stat Holidays. The cutoff time for a business day is 3 PM CST. Turnaround time does not include the pickup date or shipping time.

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Do you have specialty inks?

We're big on specialty inks because we know how important it is for your brand to do something spectacular. If you're interested in a specialty ink not listed below, we can track it down.

Phantom Ink

Ready for some magic? Phantom ink activates when water or sweat is applied. This is a great option for gyms wanting to surprise their loyal members, or groups preparing for an epic water battle. 

Puff Ink

Let's add some depth to your next screen print! Once heat is applied to puff ink, it puffs up like bread rising in an oven. Puff ink adds a bumpy element to the text or logo on your next print.

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

The PMS ink color guide contains thousands of color swatches. We can print the exact color of your logo or design.

Discharge Ink

Printing on lighter materials is much easier. Discharge ink allows printing on light fabric without the need of additional ink layers. The ink will be visibly clear and offer a soft hand feel after first wash.

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